The Farby Evolution

People keep trying the same thing - over and over again. What is the point? Didn't Einstein already say that insanity is defined by doing the same thing again and getting the same result?

We vote for the same parties, we eat the same foods and even walk the same way tot he subway station and how much is changing? Your tax rates might oscillate a bit... your waistline won't budge and perhaps a new store opened or Jimmy's shut down after 34 years in on the corner.

Evolve. Make every day new! Challenge yourself - run out there and find new things during the same walk to the station or to your car's parking spot... I am serious. If you adopt a child-like wonderment towards your life you will begin to see things you glossed over or simply ignored.... the glimmer of the pavement, the nascent flowers or even a neighbor's dog that previously annoyed you.

Give yourself a chance to grow - to evolve! That is what Farby is about and we certainly hope that in the coming months we all become friends - sign up and keep up! Let's Help each other grow!


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